Register as a Vendor

Vendor applications are now being accepted for the 2019 Lowcountry Shrimp Festival. You can either download an application or fill one out below.  

Please remember that only hand crafted items are allowed to be sold at the festival.  You may not have raffles at your booth spaces. You may not “save” booth spaces for other vendors that will arrive after you. We reserve the right to disallow sales for violators of these rules.

  • A special parking area will be provided for all vendor vehicles.

  • Vendor parking is limited to ONE vehicle per vendor.

  • Additional vehicles may park in the standard festival parking. There will be signs posted and parking attendants available to guide you in the right direction.

  • Booth spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis.

We recommend that all vendors arrive promptly at 7:00 am to setup for festivities which begin at 11:00 am. Spaces will be marked off for you and someone will come by your booth to check in with you if you should need further assistance. There will be a loading and unloading area for you early in the morning. The road and loading/unloading areas will need to be cleared by 10:00am. After 10:00am we will not be able to accommodate you with an area to unload. Vendors may choose to leave the festival early provided their doing so does not disrupt other vendors or festival goers. No vehicles will be permitted on festival grounds before 5:00 pm.


Vendor Application

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Please enter the total amount for your both space(s), electrical access if needed and possible late fee
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Terms and Conditions: No Refunds / No Rain Date. Festival is rain or shine. • Vendors retain all profits from their booths. • Booths are rented on a first come, first served basis. We reserve the right to limit the number of vendors in a particular category (i.e. jewelry). All vendor items must be handcrafted. • No food vendor applications will be accepted. • Booth space is 10’ x 10’. Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables, tent, and other supplies. • $85.00 fee for single space for applications received before April 1st. $100 for applications received after April 1 deadline. • Electrical access is an additional $25.00 fee and is very limited. Vendors are responsible for bringing their own extension cords and electrical access will be provided on first come, first served basis. • The Vendor Coordinator may choose to deny a vendor based on appropriateness of products and duplication of vendors. • Setup begins at 7:00 am on the day of the event. Selection of booth space is on first come, first serve basis that morning. Items should be unloaded and vehicles moved out of the area as quickly as possible. All vehicles MUST be moved out of the area by 10:00 am – No Exceptions. There are many activities underway that morning and your help in assuring that your vehicle is not blocking traffic into the landing is greatly appreciated. • Participants are responsible for the set-up and clean-up of their booths. • Participants cannot impair other booths (i.e. sign or display blockage). • Vendors will not be allowed to move booth locations once a booth has been assigned – No Exceptions. • Vendors may leave the festival early provided doing so does not disrupt other vendors or festival goers. NO VEHICLE TRAFFIC WILL BE PERMITTED ON FESTIVAL GROUNDS BEFORE 5:00! • Please note that “Lowcountry Shrimp Festival” is a trademarked name and may not be used on merchandise without written permission from CREECS Cancellation Policy: Any Vendor who is not paid in full by April 1 will lose their deposit and their space will be released. If a vendor cancels, they will forfeit their deposit.



Are you a vendor and have additional questions?

If so, please contact us:

CREECS - April Zorn
1011 Old Cemetery Road
McClellanville, SC 29458

(843) 412-2028

Payment by check

Mail a check or money order made payable to CREECS to:  Lowcountry Shrimp Festival, Vendor Applications, 1011 Old Cemetery Road, McClellanville, SC 29458

Make sure to attach the filled out application if you have not applied online.

Payment online

Please calculate all fees and pay below: Booth spaces needed x $85  (x $100 if paid after April 1st) + Electrical access $25 if needed

For further information or questions, please contact: April Zorn by email at or telephone at (843) 412-2028.